Love and fresh food

Located on the picturesque coast of Sharjah’s creek, Al Jubail 1441 is home to the finest fusion of exquisite local, Mediterranean and international cuisines, serving sensational seafood before a view to remember. 

Dining in an authentically Emirati ambiance, travel back in the sands of time and experience the distinctive identity of the Emirates. Taking from the various architectural and cultural elements, the atmosphere is enriched with modern sophistication, elevating the culinary adventure.

With tradition and culture at the heart and soul of Emirati cuisine and culinary delights, Al Jubail 1441 was inspired by the nation’s rich heritage, and is dedicated to sharing its authenticity by serving the nation’s most treasured assortment of seafood dishes. As a culinary national treasure and tribute to the roots of the region, our customers are ensured to experience astronomical gastronomy in an exclusive Emirati setting. 

Discover Our Menu

With our seafood fresh off the hook, Al Jubail 1441 offers the UAE’s signature dishes and diverse flavors cultivated with the freshest ingredients, bringing to the table culinary creations that are sophisticated, sumptuous and rich with the finest local flavors. 

Seafood changes with the seasons; and with different seasons come different selections. Our seasonal menu is tailored to ensure freshness all year round, satiating every palate, offering our customers a variety of delectable dishes.